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    Address Book

    Please add frequently used shipping addresses.

    About Address Book

    • You can add up to 10 addresses. Your address book will be automatically updated with the shipping address entered in your latest order, unless the addresses are manually added.
    • If you do not want an automatic update, go to "Address Book" and change your auto update setting to "Fixed."
    • To set a default shipping address, find the shipping address you want to make your primary and click "Edit". Check "Save as my default shipping address", then click "Save".


    • COMPANY Mainone LTD | OWNER LEE SANG HO | C.P.O NAM MIKYUNG | E-mail mainone@mainone.co.kr | CALL CENTER 070-7006-8201, 010-4966-9061 | MALL ORDER LICENSE 2009-서울성북-0286 |
      BUSINESS LICENSE 209-81-46897 | ADDRESS Duri building, 37, Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea